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Our trusted team possesses the necessary skill-sets and expertise to help you realize your vision for a perfect outdoor space using fascinating Landscaping in Lindenwold, NJ homes. We will carefully incorporate your preferred hardscape option into your layout.

Whether you need something simple yet stylish, a rustic appeal or a more contemporary and sophisticated outdoor look, our experts will help you achieve your dream of the perfect outdoor Landscaping space. We get the job done professionally and on time.

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Custom Landscaping

Do you need to improve your “Curb Appeal” or unleash the potential of your yard? R&M Landscaping and Patios offers Full Landscaping design and installation services in Lindenwold, NJ. Anything you can imagine in your yard or outdoor living spaces. We understand that beauty and functionality work best hand in hand. That is why we work to develop an amazing look for your yard and make sure that it’s a lasting look. Our custom landscaping expertise will transform your Lindenwold, NJ outdoor living experience, and may even increase your property value.

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May 30, 2024

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Michigan HVAC Company: turned around 3 credit declines in one day which resulted in over $12,000 in recaptured revenue.”


Excellent craftsmanship - Highly recommended

May 24, 2024

R&M Landscaping and Patios (Mario and crew) did an excellent job upgrading our front walkway and driveway in pavers. The fit and finish with the pavers was done very precise, taking their time, while taking much pride in their work. The completed job with some additional landscaping was excellent. They are highly recommended.

Michael Ross


May 14, 2024

“Your customer financing company has a dirty little secret.

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1)Watch the “How it Works” Demo linked in my signature


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2nd Chance Credit Program Success Stories:

Florida Roofing Contractor: saved 5 credit declines & generated over $63,000 in additional profit in less than 3 weeks

Michigan HVAC Company: turned around 3 credit declines in one day which resulted in over $12,000 in recaptured revenue.”


Our yard is a paradise !

May 4, 2024

Mario and his men were amazing. The work is top notch. He helped me pick out the plants for the yard . The patio is completely gorgeous! He listened to my vision. We will now be able to enjoy sitting outside!


Amazing job

February 13, 2024

I have hired Mario and his team at R&M landscaping for several jobs (retaining wall, patio, walkway) and every time they have exceeded expectations. Everything from the initial consult to the actual execution was superb.

The initial consult for each project was informative and, most importantly, not rushed. Mario took the time to fully explain what to expect and offer suggestions to improve the overall project.

In the end, the cost was very “pocket friendly” and the final product was excellent. Several of my neighbors used R&M after seeing Mario’s work. I would highly recommend Mario, and R & M to anyone that is looking to get landscaping work done.


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Some benefits of hardscape include

increase your home’s value

The right front walkway, enhanced entrance, driveway or fencing should add curb appeal to your Lindenwold, NJ front yard. Landscaping will help increase the value of your home and sell your home faster when you are ready!

Create texture and visual diversity

In addition, adding hardscapes to your property helps create more depth, texture and visual diversity. Rather than having a yard that is completely green, you can create dimension and usable surfaces with hardscapes.

Increase accessibility

Rather than having a yard that is just lawn, creating a patio, arbors, fire pits, fireplaces, landscaping, etc. will extend the use of your back garden and add more living space.

More entertainment

Landscaping & Hardscaping increases your family’s enjoyment of the outdoors. Our options can help you and your loved ones enjoy the backyard in Lindenwold, NJ.

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