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Our mulch installation service offers a variety of different colors to complement your garden. We specialize in natural mulches such as red pine, hardwood, black hardwood, cedar, kiddie cushion and more.

Mulch plays a big part in the overall appeal of your lawn and landscaping. If you’re concentrating on lawn maintenance and have a perfectly green lawn to show off and fresh, vibrant, rich-looking mulch, it will help tie the whole picture together.

The difference in a mulched or un-mulched landscaping is drastic, but there’s no need to stress about getting it done. You can do it yourself or contact us about your mulch installation needs, and at R&M Landscaping and Patios we will be happy to assist you with this service.

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At R&M Landscaping and Patios, we have led New Jersey and surrounding areas fence market with quality workmanship and service for 18 years.

What sets us apart is our customer service and satisfaction. From vinyl and aluminum ornamental to steel, pipe or wood, we install all types of fencing and specialize in automatic gate openers.

Let us help you choose the right type of fencing for your property.

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The formed concrete driveway paver will give your home instant curb appeal. The pattern and colors can be customized to match your landscaping. The aesthetic value is easily matched by the utility, however.

They are far less slippery than a poured concrete driveway. They also stay quite a bit cooler than asphalt, as well. Our landscape architects will generally lay your driveway pavers on sand, which allows them to shift slightly when needed.

This is what lets these drives last 20 years or more. Whereas a slab of concrete gets stressed when it heats or the ground shifts slightly with rain, individual pavers allow for movement. At R&M Landscaping and Patios, we are happy to give you a free estimate, so call us out today!

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If you live in a residential neighborhood it is likely that you have sidewalks in your front yard. If this is not the case, you may want to consider adding them.

Sidewalks allow for people in your neighborhood to walk safely out of the way of traffic. Versatile and affordable, concrete is a fantastic choice for residential sidewalks.

Call R&M Landscaping and Patios today to book your free consultation and see why so many homeowners in New Jersey recommend our concrete sidewalk contractors to family and friends.

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Design, install, repair & maintain

At R&M Landscaping and Patios, we don’t just implement template design features; we examine your entire yard or landscape space for hardscaping before we design it. In planning a design suitable for your whole area, we can ensure your overall landscape design plan is cohesive and comprehensive.

R&M Landscaping and Patios rusted hardscape professional’s work with you to bring the elegance back to your home and yard. Our team is always available to help you throughout the entire process from designing, installing, repairing and maintaining.

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